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V-Ray for SketchUp

February 17, 2010 Filed Under: Lighting, Sketch-Up
V-Ray for SketchUp

When rendering an image with any rendering program, including VRay for SketchUp, you must understand three main factors that will affect the image: Lighting, Materials, and Mapping. Lighting plays the most important role among these three. It will affect the color, shadow, reflection and refraction among every single object in the scene. VRay for SketchUp is a rendering engine equipped with Global... 

Free 3DS Max Model – Optimus Prime

May 5, 2010 Filed Under: 3d Models
Free 3DS Max Model - Optimus Prime

This Optimus Prime 3d model is highly detailed free 3d model you can download. Optimus Prime that well known as the leader of The Autobots. It can be your reference 3d model for your 3d library or 3d animation. You can use this 3d model for non commercial only. This 3d model available download in .max format only. You can add bone structure to animate this 3d model. And in the end, you can made your... 

Living Room – 3DS Max Model

December 2, 2009 Filed Under: 3d Models
Living Room - 3DS Max Model

Living room is the most essential part of a household. Designing living spaces that are modern, minimalist with the right color choice is affecting all forms of the interior of a house. living room with well designed will affect the mood of the inhabitants of the house and home visitors. 3d living room design is very suitable for reference as a form of interior. The shape of this living room designs... 

Finding your Interior Decorating Ideas

October 11, 2010 Filed Under: Interior Design
Finding your Interior Decorating Ideas

Finding your Interior Decorating Ideas by Samuel Mascarell. The key in choosing personal design style is to remember the home being decorated is your own. What sings to you, reflects your personality and what makes you most at home is ideal. It doesn’t matter if an interior design text book says a particular combination of colors or furniture patterns is all wrong. The writer won’t be spending... 

3D Interior Tutorial

February 12, 2010 Filed Under: 3DS Max, Interior Design
3D Interior Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to create 3d interior from editable poly. With simple poly you can create nice elegant interior with cool lighting effect. This simple interior tutorial scene is very easy to follow for beginner. This simple tutorial you can use it as a starting point in making your own 3d interior. This tutorial is the first step in making 3d interior before you add the furniture. You... 

Making of 3D Girl “ELLA”

September 2, 2010 Filed Under: 3DS Max
Making of 3D Girl "ELLA"

This the making tutorial by CGIndia is for 3ds Max users. A useful brief tutorial by Zif Qual on making of 3D Girl Named Elle with 3ds Max. This step by step tutorial will cover the modeling and rigging in general, texturing, working with hair, rendering and compositing. There is a few tips and tricks also given in this 3d modeling tutorial. Enjoy the tutorial and learn what this tutorial can give…. Download... 

3DS Max Tutorial : Modeling Porche 911GT

January 24, 2011 Filed Under: 3DS Max
3DS Max Tutorial : Modeling Porche 911GT

3DS Max Tutorial : Modeling Porsche 911GT. This 3DS Max tutorial shows you how to model a car using Spline modeling method by Nimish Rajwade for you who interested in car modeling. This method is not very much famous as it requires considerable amount of skill and frustration to get it done right. But mastering it would be a plus point for your future 3d modeling projects. Car modeling is done in the... 

Unity – Racing Game Tutorial

March 18, 2010 Filed Under: Unity
Unity - Racing Game Tutorial

A second tutorial for Unity designed to allow the reader to create a complete racing game. This tutorial will introduce more advanced concepts and techniques in Unity, and focus on scripting advanced functions with in the game. We will gradually build a complete game following easy step-by-step instructions and a progression of concepts. The idea behind this tutorial is to provide users the opportunity... 

Home Makeovers

July 14, 2010 Filed Under: Bedroom, Interior Design, Kitchen Design
Home Makeovers

Interior design is all about turning dreams into reality, so if you’re looking for inspiration, check out these designer influences! There are ideas for creating and enhancing space, tips for accessorising rooms and plenty of scope for improving the look and feel of your home… Download PDF Home Makeovers

Unity 3D Car Tutorial : Vehicle Editor Resource Pack

January 13, 2011 Filed Under: Unity
Unity 3D Car Tutorial : Vehicle Editor Resource Pack

Unity 3D Car Tutorial : Vehicle Editor Resource Pack . Unity 3d tutorial document content : Installation, How to use the Rapid Unity Vehicle Resource Pack in Unity, Test Driving a Vehicle, Vehicle Editor Settings, Additional Features, How to change the engine sound, How to add your own engine sounds, How to add your own custom vehicle bodies and wheels, New Features in v1.5, Using the Vehicle Editor...