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Free 3ds Max Interior Design

November 16, 2009 Filed Under: 3d Models
Free 3ds Max Interior Design

This 3d interior was designed by an interior designer from new delhi-india named manjeet. By using 3ds max, the interior form a very good, nice color and arrangement of the room and furniture design. In this 3d model designs have 3d models of the interior design such as: inside a space – walls, windows, doors, finishes, textures, light, Furnishings and furniture. Note : Do Not license, sell,... 

Photoshop Tutorial – Water Splashing Text

August 1, 2010 Filed Under: Photoshop
Photoshop Tutorial - Water Splashing Text

Word from author “In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to Create Awesome Splashing Water Text Effect in Photoshop. Along the way, you will learn how you can incorporate water splash brushsets into your text and create great effect from that. Have a try!” With photoshop you can create unlimited awesome image manipulation. Follow Photoshop Tutorial – Water Splashing Text

3D Tutorial – Making of Abandoned Building

August 13, 2010 Filed Under: 3DS Max, Buildings
3D Tutorial - Making of Abandoned Building

This awesome 3d tutorial is made by Aziz – Mind Vision. Word from author “This work is one of most interesting images I ever did. The idea was a vision from my mind for abandoned building. I felt that I live inside the design and I worked with every single details as if it was the design itself.” This is not modeling 3d tutorial, this tutorial covers lighting and texturing of 3d model.... 

Dreamweaver : Web Tutorial

April 17, 2010 Filed Under: Web Tutorial
Dreamweaver : Web Tutorial

This web tutorial with dreamweaver will explain how to create an online contact form. There are two pages involved: the form and the confirmation page. When a user presses the submit button on the form, the information will be e-mailed to you, and the user will see a confirmation page. To set up the form and confirmation pages, we will use form-setup.html and form-confirm.html as templates. This web... 

Human Head Modeling – 3DS Max

March 2, 2010 Filed Under: 3DS Max
Human Head Modeling - 3DS Max

Human head is one of the most difficult to make a 3d modeling. Because the human head are some parts that had to be there and can not be eliminated. This 3ds max tutorial uses a polygon to create a good 3d head. The head is modeled roughly using polygons. The head will get its final form when Meshsmooth modifier is added to it. When the Meshsmooth modifier is added to it the face becomes a so called... 

VRay for Sketchup Setup

August 8, 2010 Filed Under: Sketch-Up
VRay for Sketchup Setup

Simple step by step tutorial for setting up Vray in Sketchup for Vray user beginner. This tutorial teach you how to setup lights and material for creating realistic scene with Sketchup. For all beginner sketchup users, this VRay tutorial is realy helpful for making high quality realistic 3D scene. Follow Tutorial VRay for Sketchup Setup

Maya Tutorial – Making Jellyfish

December 18, 2010 Filed Under: Autodesk Maya
Maya Tutorial – Making Jellyfish

Maya Tutorial – Making Jellyfish. This 3d tutorial goes through the steps to model, texture, animate and add Paint Effects tentacles using Autodesk Maya. The following topics are discussed: Creating surfaces, Transforming objects and components, Basic texturing, Nonlinear deformers and keyframe animation, The Graph Editor for modifying animation curves, Adding tentacles with Paint Effectsto a jellyfish.... 

Living Room – 3DS Max Model

December 2, 2009 Filed Under: 3d Models
Living Room - 3DS Max Model

Living room is the most essential part of a household. Designing living spaces that are modern, minimalist with the right color choice is affecting all forms of the interior of a house. living room with well designed will affect the mood of the inhabitants of the house and home visitors. 3d living room design is very suitable for reference as a form of interior. The shape of this living room designs... 

Low Poly 3D Modeling With Simplygon Remeshing

January 18, 2011 Filed Under: Tutorials
Low Poly 3D Modeling With Simplygon Remeshing

Low Poly 3D Modeling With Simplygon Remeshing. A lot of graphics models are generated each year. Most of these are to highly tesselated to be able to render in real-time in computer games on on portable devices, such as hand-held game devices or PDAs, smartphones etc. The solution is to remodel and retexture the mesh using a low amount of polygons. This is however a very labor-intensive process, and... 

Introduction to 3D Mesh Objects

May 26, 2010 Filed Under: Autocad
Introduction to 3D Mesh Objects

This Introduction to 3D Mesh Objects by Ralph Grabowski. AutoCAD 2010 introduces a new kind of 3D object, called “3D mesh objects” or “surface meshes.” These new objects act quite differently from AutoCAD’s other 3D objects, because they are meant for conceptual modeling. Their surfaces can be pushed and pulled in unusual ways. In this tutorial, you are introduced to 3D...